Is Roblox Safe For Kids?

Kids can’t get huge online video games on a single gaming portal, And Roblox has more than 150 million monthly users. But if you’re worried about your kid’s social safety, then you are not alone in this World. Let us know more about safety for kids on Roblox. 

Roblox is the most popular gaming portal among kids, where they can play online games designed by other players and as well as create their games. Roblox has seen most of its popularity in the 2020 pandemic lockdown. 

What is Roblox? 

According to us, Roblox is a ‘ Fascinating Platform ‘,  Roblox is a free online video game-creation platform that is available for both IOS and Android users where players can create and upload their games on a proprietary program called Roblox Studio.

On Roblox players can build the supreme theme parks, can become professional car driver and compete with other players, fashion show star, and what about becoming a superhero, or simply become a super cop and save the city. 

Here players can access a wide range of games without paying a single penny, the platform has its game-in currency known as “Robux,”, players can use these Robux to purchase additional features which help them to stand above all the other players. 

How Old kids Should Play Roblox? 

According to Common Sense Media, it rated the Roblox OK for users 13+ “. This rating is based on some sample games but some user-created games contain bloody themes, horror and some virtual sex games. But now Roblox is looking over those inappropriate games to control them. 

What are “ODers” in Roblox?

Some users create social accounts and also gaming sites like Roblox to find their romantic mates. As “OD” stands for “online dater.” Some games on Roblox are specifically designed for ODers. Roblox looks after for inappropriate conversations and content. And Roblox community rules disallow chat that’s sexual. 

Parents Need To know about the Roblox’s Risk: 

In any multiplayer game which contains interaction chatbox can lead into trouble for kids as there are many individuals with the wrong intentions can make their way into the platform and your child’s chatbox,”. Parents need to keep their eyes on their child’s chat room to save them from those frauds. 

 The other major risks parents should know about are known as “condo games”, which are user-generated games that promote adult content, such as intimate sex acts, virtual images, and false language.   

Roblox Parental Control To Keep Your Kids Safe: 

The first step should that you enter the correct birthday details of your child so that will filter out all inappropriate games that are not good for your kids regarding their age.

Secondly, parents should monitor account activity by checking the relative section history like :

  •  Private Messages
  •  Group chat history 
  •  Traded virtual items
  •  Games played recently


Hope this article helps you to gain knowledge about how you can keep your child safe on Roblox, as Roblox gaming portal is a great platform for a kid to enhance their creativity and innovation power. Thanks for reading this article.